The Students

This refers to us. We are the photographers, the authors, the designers and the programmers. "Students" seems appropriate because that is what we are doing; studying. We both take the pictures. Joe does the programming and much of the web design, and some of the writing. I (Darian) do most of the writing and help with the web design. Our day jobs relate to plants as we are both licensed landscape architects. But our interest in plants extends much further than that of the typical person in our profession. In our work we understand the aesthetic and design functions that plants can have. But we also see them from the perspective that they are a very important part of the entire ecosystem. This partly affects another aesthetic angle that we view them from, in which part of each plant’s beauty is the ecological niche it fills in the landscape. Although plants are our focus, we are interested in all of the natural world and the continuous miracle of living things.

Although we have referred to ourselves as students, we hope you may feel this way as well. If you have learned something from this website or have been inspired then we will feel our effort has been worthwhile.